We Help Small Businesses Generate Qualified Leads on Autopilot!

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At Leadnovus, we specialize in providing Done-For-You Lead Generation for businesses on Autopilot. We understand that running a business involves juggling multiple tasks, and that's where we come in

We're dedicated to delivering outstanding results, filling up your sales pipeline with qualified leads, and increasing revenue.

Partner with us, and let's achieve your business goal together!

Leadnovus Is Everything Your Business Needs To Get More Appointments Booked And Increase Revenue

We bring all the tools, support and resources you need to close more deals!

Strategy and Planning

We work with the Business to understand their goals and target audience, develop a strategy, and create a tailored plan to achieve desired outcomes.

Lead Generation

We focus on generating quality leads and increasing revenue for the business. With our Leads-On-Demand System. We guarantee Exclusive Daily leads. We're so confident if we don't deliver you'll get a refund.

Opportunities and Pipelines

This is a high-level overview of the business sales process, where the business can view all prospects and appointments booked in the sales pipeline and track their positions in the customer journey.

Automated Follow - Up

Effortlessly send email and text reminders to prospects about their scheduled calls and swiftly manage rescheduling for missed appointments. This boosts attendance rates, and drives higher conversion rates.

Dashboard Reporting

24/7 access to analytics and reporting on campaign performance, including tracking key metrics, monitoring campaign effectiveness, and delivering actionable insights to enhance strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Done-For-You Lead Generation?

Done-For-You Lead Generation is a service where a company takes care of finding potential customers for your business. Instead of you having to figure out how to attract people who might be interested in what you offer.

How does Leadnovus Done-For-You Lead Generation work?

Once you sign up for our service, one of our experts will collaborate with your business to understand its goals and target audience. We will then create and implement campaigns tailored to your business needs, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your enterprise.

Can your team work with my existing team?

Absolutely! Our experts collaborate with your existing team, complementing their efforts and bringing additional expertise to the table

Is the service suitable for small businesses?

Yes, the Done-For-You Lead Generation service is ideal for small businesses looking to fill their sales pipeline with qualified leads without the need for a full-time Sales Development Representative (SDR).

How will I track the performance of campaigns?

We provide a 24/7 reporting dashboard, ensuring you are well-informed about the results and impact of your campaigns.

What sets Leadnovus Done-For-You Lead Generation service apart from others?

Our service offers a personalized approach, tailored strategies, and a dedicated expert who becomes an integral part of your team, ensuring maximum effectiveness and results.

What if I need help with something?

Our support team is here to help you. For support questions, email us at support@leadnovus.co

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